Drupal Learning Journal 8. Image styles in Drupal 7

My next entry in this series will be about my lessons learned from Using Drupal’s chapter 7, which is about building a photo gallery. Meanwhile my dilemma of whether to focus on Drupal 6 or 7 came to the forefront, because at the same time I just watched a video that shows how much better Drupal 7’s image handling is. The video embedded below is a tutorial from Lynda. The video showed that each image can have several “styles” (including custom defined) depending on where and how to display the images.
E.g. for my book related sites I could upload the covers as big images and display them as such on the individual pages in big size, as small thumbnails on the listing pages and create a gallery with nothing else than the medium sized covers. Besides resizing, the “styles” can also include rotation, desaturation, rescaling and cropping. You can even set the background color for the rotated images. I think these are pretty powerful features to be handled automatically based on one single uploaded image.

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