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Happy Birthday to Vision Nest Media

Happy Birthday to Vision Nest Media!

This website went live 12 years ago today, so Happy Birthday to us! The company has existed since 1995 and has had a website since then, but the “new” domain and website was born on September 20, 2009

I, Gabor Por, am #OpenToWork

I, Gabor Por, am #OpenToWork

Hello, I am looking for a part-time (20 hr/week), online job, starting August 15, in any of these specialties: Data Analyst – I have been working as a technical analyst for 15 years; and now studying data analytics Librarian – I have an MLIS degree from a top school; have been organizing information online for 26 years; worked as a...

More Than 8 Smart Ways to Shine on Social Media

More than half the world and four out of five people in the US are on social media (according to Statista), so there is a good chance that you, dear reader, are also active there. Whether you have explicit goals by participation in this sphere or not it never hurts to get better at what you are doing. I took...

Top 5+ Tips to Write a Popular Blog

Top 5 Tips to Write a Popular Blog

What I learned from taking the Writing a Compelling Blog Post course If you want to be a successful blogger you need to learn more than the art of writing. As a first step you need to define what you want to accomplish, what success means to you. Second step includes educating yourself. Starshine Roshell’s course on LinkedIn Learning is...


Course summary: Self-Care During Stressful Times

I am fortunate enough that through my work I have access to numerous online courses. These turbulent times felt like a good opportunity to take one titled “Self-Care During Stressful Times.” It consists of 8 videos that altogether took 35 minutes. The videos are taken from these five courses: “How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed“, “Mindfulness Practices“, “Happiness Tips“, “Managing Stress for Positive...

Analyst at Work

Multi-talented knowledge worker looking for opportunities

I am happy to announce that I have availability for projects or part time work. What kind of work you can trust me with? I enjoyed being a technical analyst for the last 13 years and looking for growing even more in this field.  My Masters in Library and Information Science degree is joined with a keen interest and eye in organizing any kind of information.  I...