Developing a marketing campaign with generative AI

By now you must have heard about ChatGPT and maybe the idea that it can do everything instead or for you. That is at the level of hype that reminds me of a story, which might be an urban legend. Allegedly, when Windows 95 software came out in 1995, its marketing campaign was so successful that lots of people bought it, believing all the things it can do for them, without realizing that they also need a computer for it to run. Similarly, if you haven’t tried any LLM-based (large language model) chatbot that uses NLP (natural language processing) you may not know what to do with it and why would you. I have been educating myself about it for months, having taken courses, read books, and most importantly working with the tools themselves.

From all the sessions I had so far I was most impressed by the one I had in support of my wife’s new venture. She is in the process of launching Wine With Mari, offering tours as a wine educator to the best Sonoma and Napa wineries. Using Claude, an Anthropic product, via I generated a marketing campaign for her with a prompt chain in four steps.

Developing a marketing campaign with generative AI
Image generated with AI, Adobe Firefly

The first step is to generate ideas to base the campaign on. Here is my prompt to get it started and the ideas I got in the screenshot.

You are a marketing specialist with 20 years of experience. You are hired to do digital marketing for a wine educator company, targeting affluent people from Hungary, who are interested in wine and traveling. Please generate marketing ideas for 1-3 day wine tours in Sonoma and Napa county for this target in English.

Generate ideas to base the campaign on

The second step is to pick the most promising one and get market research done:

Do market research based on this idea: “Social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube highlighting the history, culture, and beauty of California wine country. Promote photos and videos of the tours and activities. Provide Hungarian captions and hashtags targeting Hungarian travelers.” Recommend five ideas to highlight the “history, culture, and beauty of California wine country.”

Getting market research done

The third step is to figure out the length of the campaign.

Thank you, I decided to go with the fifth idea. Recommend the length of the marketing campaign and its breakdown for the most effective results.

The final step is to generate actual content for the social media posts.

Thank you. Please write the text for 10 posts for Instagram for months 2-3 of the campaign, including recommended hashtags in English and Hungarian.

content for the social media post

Some of these posts will require tweaking, before posting but overall I am quite satisfied with the outcome of this prompt engineering session.

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