Drupal Learning Journal 11. "Using Drupal" – Chapter 9 – Event management

Chapter 9 of Using Drupal is about event management. Instead of using the Event module they authors went for the using CCK with Date and Calendar modules (both under active development for Drupal 7). Here are my learning points from the chapter:

  • The Signup module is designed for tracking event attendance. (Page 313) I found no mention of a possible Drupal 7 version.
  • Process (Page 314-328):
    1. Create a new “Event” content type,
    2. Understand date (timezones, field types, widgets and settings)
    3. Add configured  Date/Time field to the Event content type.
    4. Build an “upcoming events” view
  • The Calendar module provides a new view type (Page 329)
  • Use the Flag module for attendance, by creating a new “attendance” flag. (Page 333)
  • Create an “Attendees” view. (Page 334)
  • Additional useful ideas (Page 336)
    – The Countdown module adds a block that shows the time left until an event. (Drupal 7 version is in alpha.)
    – Create Flag actions (part of the Flag module) to send emails, unpublish/delete nodes.
    – The Location and GMap modules et people use a Google map to select the location for each event. (Both are in dev for Drupal 7)

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