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The best skill I learned today: how to make and what’s important for a landing page, “any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result.
The most egoistic fun I had today: checked myyself at, a site that tracks and sorts Google+ users based on the number of their “friends” and “followers.” If this is a measure of popularity I am one of the least liked person on the block. But it isn’t, so I don’t care. Except I do possess the folly of liking being compared favorably. At the time I was #8458. Which is a large number, but I could still feel being on top of the world.
The most useful page I looked at today: a page listing tools to test how websites look on mobile devices. It is from last September, so in webtime you might think it is outdated. I don’t think it is, even if there are newer tools on the market.
Today’s links with my comments in italics:

  • Reading the second part of an article on “How To Increase Organic Keyword Conversions“: don’t put links/ads on top; have important links/messages on every page; have, test, and  highlight  “calls to action”; check analytics for changes; have an inquiry form, don’t have captchas if not necessary.
    Good little list of pointers, even if many of them just common sense in my opinion.
  • Greg Sterling reported how Ghost of Google+ Haunts Facebook-Skype Event
    Nice observation about the missing elephant in the room, while introducing the new Facebook feature: Skype integration into chat. It was interesting to watch Zuckerberg, as I just watched The Social Network movie two nights before. 
  • Cyrus Shepard tested how Google+ and Twitter influence Google search ranking.
    I loved the meticulous scientific method he used. The results were interesting too:

    1. Aggregators & Scrapers Play an SEO Role
    2. Retweet – Retweet, Repeat
    3. Social Authority = Ranking Potential?
    4. Traditional SEO Still Rules - For Now

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