Use Adobe Encore in 11 minutes

In the past all the videos I had to create were intended for online distribution. This time though I had to make a DVD. I use Adobe Premiere to edit my videos. On the few occasions I wanted to make a DVD out of its output I just used Windows DVD Maker and it worked fine. This time however no matter what format I outputted from Premiere, after I created the DVD, the audio was out of sync from the video. I knew it was time to upgrade my tool. So I got Adobe Encore, which is designed to work together with Premier. It did, but I didn’t. When I opened it I had some ideas what to do, but not enough to produce a simple DVD. Therefore I turned to the web, where I found two videos that put me on the track in 11 minutes, combined. They were both made by Ryan Atkins.
After watching the first one I managed to make a simple DVD with no menus. Finally it was not out sync. After watching the second one I could even make a set of menus. Although the missing step from that was that I had to create my buttons foist in Photoshop. Otherwise both were assumed the level of knowledge and the speed of learning that I was comfortable with me. Thank you, interwebs and Ryan Atkins for getting me going in 11 minutes.

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