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Last June I quit my dayjob with plan of getting my own clients, learning more web technology and getting paid more. I reached all three of these goals. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without WIMP- Web & Interactive Media Professionals, “a community of designers, programmers, marketing specialists, search engine optimization experts, social media gurus and just about anyone having to do with the evolving technological world“. I got my first clients through referral from this group. I got a one-on-one  coaching session with a WordPress expert in exchange for my SEO expertise. I attended several educational sessions, led by experts and some social events too.  I got answers to my questions in its rather active Facebook group and answered wherever I could. I formed (online) friendships.  I have a lot to thank WIMP for.


This Saturday WIMP is having a pizza party I won’t be able to make it to. But maybe you can

Couple of weeks ago WIMP started a fundraising campaign to get help with getting incorporated and growing the capability for recording and streaming its events. This campaign will end midnight on Saturday, May 10. The purpose of this post is to encourage readers to contribute. Just go to and select the level of contribution you can afford and support WIMP.

  • If you are a Sonoma county resident you will strengthen the local community and will help yourselves to make local expertise available to you stronger and wider.
  • If you are a local, who is (or by the self-definition of the group could be) a part of the group you can become a founding member with all its perks.
  • If you are not local, than supporting this group will make more useful resources available for you  online, that currently trapped in the fleeting, unrecorded moments.

I made an attempt to make a funny video, see below to show the many aspects of what WIMP already gave to the community. With your help it can do even more in the future.

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