Show and sort ALL entries of Business Directory Plugin

Screenshot of Business Directory PluginIf you are already using the Business Directory Plugin for WordPress you know how powerful it is in building directories of any kind paid or free. However if you want to have a page that shows all the entries of your directory, sorted you have a problem. When you use the [businessdirectory-viewlistings] shortcode the entries are shown by category after category and not as a single list. E.g. all the entries in category a, then all the entries in category b and so on.
The solution is to

  1. Create a new tag, e.g. “all” (at …/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=wpbdp_tag&post_type=wpbdp_listing )
  2. Tag every entry with this new tag (you can use the bulk edit process on the admin page to do this)
  3. Use the [businessdirectory-viewlistings tag=#] where # is the id of your “all” tag (at .../wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpbdp_admin_settings&groupid=listings )

That’s it, now you have a directoy with all the listing sprted by whatever criteria you set on the admin page

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