Drupal Learning Journal 21. Ubercart 2

I spent more time working with Ubercart, a drupal ecommerce tool and couldn’t help learning a few things. 🙂

  1. I wanted to create custom invoices as part of the ordering, order management process. I got that far that I made a modified version of  the /sites/all/modules/ubercart/uc_order/uc_order-customer.tpl.php file, but it didn’t want to show up in the GUI as an invoice template I could use. So I posted my request for help at the right forum and in a few hours I got my answer. Turns out there is a little module designed for this specific purpose, called UberInvoice. It works and yet again I am grateful for the spirit of open source development.
  2. There is not much I can document about it, but I am happy that I now understand conditional actions in Drupal. E.g. I managed to set up the sales tax handling: 9.25% for people with California billing address. (Yes, the company I am  making the site for is based in CA.) I also configured five different shipping options and prices, also using conditional actions. Pretty nifty tool.
  3. I also managed to install and make work a module that allows the store/site to have both specials (discounts by % of $ off on certain items) and coupons (using unique code customer gets $ or % off). It was another module, Ubercart Discounts (Alternative) that allowed me to do it. I made the mistake of thinking that I can just using it, but it didn’t work right away. Once I read and followed the “readme.txt” file’s instructions all was well. I still have some learning to do about how to set up all the possible specials and coupons, but the option I was interested in ($1-2 off from certain items) is working now.

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