Drupal Learning Journal 20. Ubercart +

I am in a very active stage of developing a drupal ecommerce site with Ubercart. I suspect the next few “Drupal Learning Journal” messages will relate to that. Here are a few tidbits from the rounds I did today.

  1. I finally manged to configure a WYSIWYG option for textboxes from scratch. (I.e. exactly those word style formatting buttons show up at exactly those fields, that I want) The site I am building is in Drupal 6, and I suspect I will need to relearn it for Drupal 7. Fortunately I am going to my first DrupalCamp this weekend and plan to attend a session devoted to this issue.
  2. Installed and configured SexyBookmarks, which not just looks cooler than AddThing, but also is more standard compliant. (They are both tools to enable visitors sharing the URL of the visited page at various Social networking sites.)
  3. Played with the image setting of the product catalog. Now the thumbnails, product images and full size product images work as they should. Lightbox works too, meaning that if you click on an image it will pull up the full size of the image in another layer of the same window.
  4. My best accomplishment of the day was setting up and management page of the products, where administrators can search the products by a number of criteria and the list of products is showing half 6-7 columns of related information. The best part is that then you can select any number of products and do some actions with them in batch, e.g unpublishing them (out of stock), re-publish them (back in stock), adjust price and a few other tricks.

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