SEO Daily links: verification issues, keyword difficulty, faster pages, social media engagement

Jetpack logoUseful tool of the day: Jetpack  is a set of WordPress plugins, most of which was previously only available for blogs/sites hosted on My two favorite parts: Shortcode for adding movies, images, and more to your posts and pages with a single line of code and the URL shortener.
And now onto today’s SEO links with my comments in italics:

  • Danny Sullivan pointed out the hindrances of verification of real people, i.e. celebrities on 3 major platforms: Twitter, Google, Facebook.
    I can understand how it is a major headache for famous people but thought it isn’t my concern. Then I checked and found that there are 13 people on Facebook even with relatively rare name. What if one of us becomes known. And what about the others?
  • Tom Schmitz explained what to look for when examining keyword difficulty.
    Excellent introduction to a topic, that is key to SEO, but so far didn’t have an opportunity/reason to dive in. Now at least I got a master overview of the logic behind it.
  • Leah Tyler posted an informative set of tips on how to read resumes.
    My favorite bit: “Wondering if you should include your GPA on your résumé? If you received below a 3.5 GPA, then you may not want to showcase it on your résumé. But above a 3.5? Heck ya!” So I am adding it back again, even though I thought it would have little relevance in the business word.
  • Rob Snell reminded us that how fast a page loads still matters.
    The best takeaway from it was the recommendation of using this free testing tool:
  • Greg Sterling pulled some interesting numbers from Palore’s research on US SMBs (small businesses) social media use and engagement.
    The key numbers: 38.3 % of SMBs have fewer than 100 Facebook Likes and 16% has more than 1000. Regarding Twitter followers the respective numbers are 44.5% and 18.5%. The lower numbers suggest low engagement.

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