15 Tips on increasing interaction on your Facebook page

LinchpinSEO created an infographic, see below, based on Buddy Media’s research on what generates more interaction on Facebook.  I don’t think that putting this information into a large visual representation added any value to it, so I am sharing its numbers in plain text, sorted by descending order of effect. The numbers refer to the increase in interaction compared to average.

  1. Ask to share a post (7x)
  2. Use “Caption this” strategy (5.5x)
  3. Use “Fill the blank” strategy (4.x)
  4. Ask to comment a post (3.3.x)
  5. Ask to like a post (3x)
  6. Use the right emoticons 😛 (102%) and 😀 (138%)
  7. Ask a question (92%)
  8. Use “winner” in the text of the post (68%)
  9. Don’t shorten URLs (68%)
  10. Use call to action; e.g. like, caption this, share, yes no, thumbs up (48%)
  11. Use “win” in the text of the post (46%)
  12. Use “giveaway” in the text of the post (42%)
  13. Include photos (39%)
  14. 80 characters or less (23%)
  15. Put the question at the end of the post (15% interaction, 100% comment)

facebook post cheat sheet
Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet infographic designed by Linchpin Infographic Design

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