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I’ve been bookmarking blog entries since my last SEO post, just didn’t have the time to post about them. So now here is the sumary of two workdays. More coming later.
Learnings of the days:

  1. How two mark up reviews using’s review specs:
  2. How to create a custom YouTube channel including a very specific custom image.
  3. I finally implemented the prerequisites of having my picture show up in Google SERPs. It doesn’t guarantee it will happen, but this way it might.

Fun updates:

July 27

  • Greg Finn shared the news that “Facebook Launches In-Depth Guide For Businesses.”
    Timely, considering that I just attended last week a Roohi Moolla’s Facebook for Business Workshop.
  • Rand Fishkin announced the launch of the Open Site Explorer v3.
    I played with it and even the non-paid version is quite useful to get a quick overview and comparison of sites from SEO perspective.
  • Danny Sullivan wrote an article on How Being “Friends” On Google+ Leads To Better Rankings.
    Nothing earth-shattering there but a thorough look into  related aspects.

July 26

  •  Mike Blumenthals listedWhat Else Went Missing on the Places Page in the Update.”
    I don’t know how I think about Google not displaying information they gather, but still say to site owners to submit them. I guess that’s what they’ve been doing all along and by making the data less transparent and the process of them hiding it more evident.
  • Phil Nottingham explained how to turn an SEO report into a good video.
    Best parts: reasons to do so; most useful part: pitfalls of doing so.
  • Eric Ward promisedA Google Plus Primer On Links & Rank
    What he really got is a recommendation to share links in Stream and a list of articles to read. The latter was worth it.
  • Greg Finn showed that Google +1?s Being Sold By The Thousands.
    Oh, the scams people think of. I couldn’t and didn’t. But now even Newt Gringrich did it with Twitter.
  • Barry Schwartz reported that the “Google Plus One Button Now 3X Faster
    Good, but there are still issues with using AddThis and Internet Explorer.

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