SEO Daily links: Google Places' features, problems and citations sources + mobile linkbuilding and CTR estimation

Useful fact of the day: WordPress MU (MultiUser) allows running multiple blogs from one installation, under different subdomains or directories
Useless fact of the day: There are more Americans on Facebook than have passports. 150 million vs. 115 million. (Source: Tripl)
And now onto today’s SEO links with my comments in italics:

  • Mike Blumenthals pointed out three features that got more prominent display in Google Places: Coupon, streetview, ratings.
    These changes make Places even more relevant and interesting both for businesses and consumers.
  • Blumenthals also shared a really useful tip on what to do, when Google Places listing says “We currently do not support the location”
    This was much appreciated as we were having the kind of issue mentioned here.
  • WhiteSpark logoRand Fishkin gave tips on “how to find find the sources Google may be using to resource their Places data.
    I finally got a hint why the sudden (and generally positive) changes to Google Plcaes are happening now: FTC’s investigation into “complaints by sources like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Citysearch who claimed that Google unfairly used their content to make the Places pages results useful without compensation or traffic.
    Plus I got a reference to good citation research tool: WhiteSpark.
  • Bryson Meunier outlinedBetter Mobile Linkbuilding In 5 Easy Steps
    So far I consistently avoided commenting on mobile SEO. I don’t have a webenabled smartphone so personally I am not in this market. This simple reason made me not want to go to this increasingly important segment of the SEO world. But I know that I cannot avoid it forever, so this article is as good as any to start paying attention to it.
  • Slingshot SEO presented its study on answering the question “How many visitors can we expect, if we rank [x]?
    The heavily qualified answer 17 to 21% CTR for #1 position. 10% for #2, 5-9% for #3 and then it goes way down. Good to know, even if it is not quotable without the “qualifications/explanation.

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