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August 5

  • Josh Dreller gave out pointers on “How To Master Paid Search Bidding
    Some of it was over my head at first reading, but still think I will get back to it, right before I will need to bid for the first time.
  • Siddharth Shah dived intoMaking Sense Of Multi-Click Data.”
    My first learning from this article was that “multi-click” is just an alternative name to “click-path”, which I was already familiar with. The second is the comparative conversion of brand and generic keywords.

August 4

  • Geoff Kenyon wrote up a step by step guide on how to get ther right anchor text for links pointing towards an ecommerce site.
    This was a really useful post for me as I never had to do a link building campaign for, even though I have an ecommerce site on my backburner.
  • George Aspland posted the second part of his guide to “effective online article marketing
    I appreciate when a guide starts off with the goals instead of just jumping into the “how to” part. My mind likes logically built and annotated step-by-step guides and today we were blessed with two.
  • Paul Bruemmer sharedHow Retailers Can Improve Product Visibility Using Structured Markup
    This article combined two ideas for me: I know more and more on how to format a website for SEO, including microformatting, but didn’t occur to me to use for ecommerce sites.

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