Drupal's Biblio module, aka Drupal Scholar

When I was setting up SocRelig.com, which is essentially a bibliograhy and a blog on a single scholarly topic, I considered using Drupal’s Biblio module. I knew that it was supposed to do exactly what I wanted, but at the time I wanted to learn how to use Views, so I didn’t utilize this resource. Let me quote the essential info about Biblio, so you would see too, why it makes sense:

This module allows users manage and display lists of scholarly publications.
Features include…

  • Import formats: PubMed, BibTex, RIS, MARC, EndNote tagged and XML.
  • Export formats: BibTex, EndNote tagged and XML.
  • Output styles: AMA, APA, Chicago, CSE, IEEE, MLA, Vancouver.

Screenshot of Drupal's Biblio module in useInstead, I brewed my own solution, that doesn’t have all these export and import format, so from a  scholarly perspective it may be less usable. If I want that site to be relevant and usable for the scholarly community, I will either have to add these features to my solution or use Biblio.
The prompt for this message was a presentation I just watched. At the 2011 November meeting of the Berkeley Drupal User Group Rochelle Terman of The Townsend Center for the Humanities at UC Berkeley gave a presentation on the Biblio module. I couldn’t make it, but they recorded it using uStream. This was their first recording using this technology, so it is not perfect as the projected screen didn’t come through very sharp. Nevertheless it is still worth to watch/listen through the 69 minutes if you are interested in learning how to use this module.

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