Libraries Going Mobile with Drupal

Libraries Going Mobile with DrupalI just discovered Katherine Lynch‘s presentation from last June on “Libraries Going Mobile with Drupal“, given at LITA’s Drupal Interest Group meeting. I like when my worlds collide: part of my daytime job as an SEO developer is to think about how the increasing mobile usage affects our customers’ business and how we can maximize it for them. Meanwhile I am a trained librarian, who is on the lookout for the best tech tools for libraries and an avid/relapsed Drupal user. So this presentation covered three of my interest areas.
I downloaded the 280 MB PPTX presentation, but couldn’t listen to the audio, because after the conversion to a format that OpenOffice could access the audio was stripped. Nevertheless I clicked through the 63 slides. Here is a barebone summary

  • Percentage of mobile users is increasing
  • There are three trends of designs for mobile: app-like, list-like and bare-bones
  • Each has its pros and cons and their detailed analysis is the best part of the presentation
  • Drupal has pre-built themes to get started: Mobile, Garland Mobile, Nokia Mobile, Fusion Mobile
  • Drupal has tools and  modules to get started: Mobile plugin, Mobile Tools,
  • Pros and cons why go mobile.

Her conclusion:

  • Mobile device users are greatly on the rise
  • …with the potential to replace desktop devices
  • Many libraries have begun establishing standards for mobile library websites
  • Mobile development with Drupal is fast, easy, and as customizable as you want

I found this presentation through a page on Isovera’s website, who provide “Drupal solutions for smart organizations…”

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