WordPress shortcuts

See below the shortcuts that can make your writing in WordPress faster. You can see them too by clicking the Help icon above your WordPress’s textbox and then the Hotkeys tab. I recommend checking the second and third table, becase that’s where the real gems are.
(via WooThemes’ How to Save Time When Writing in WordPress).

Writing at Full Speed

Rather than reaching for your mouse to click on the toolbar, use these access keys. Windows and Linux use Ctrl + letter. Macintosh uses Command + letter.

Letter Action Letter Action
c Copy v Paste
a Select all x Cut
z Undo y Redo
b Bold i Italic
u Underline 1 Heading 1
2 Heading 2 3 Heading 3
4 Heading 4 5 Heading 5
6 Heading 6 9 Address

The following shortcuts use different access keys: Alt + Shift + letter.

Letter Action Letter Action
n Check Spelling l Align Left
j Justify Text c Align Center
d Strikethrough r Align Right
u • List a Insert link
o 1. List s Remove link
q Quote m Insert Image
w Distraction Free Writing mode t Insert More Tag
p Insert Page Break tag h Help

Editor width in Distraction Free Writing mode:

Alt + Wider
Alt 0 Default width
Alt – Narrower

Another one you definitely need to know though is how to save without taking your hands away from the keyboard. To do that, simply press Ctrl/Command + S. Easy stuff!

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