Notes Cody Brown's talk "Lessons Learned from Unlocking the Web" #wcsf14

Scroll Kit logoThe first talk I attended at WordCamp 2014 in San Francisco was by Cody Brown, titled “Lessons Learned from Unlocking the Web

  • First sites are often fan sites
  • People lurk before they post/create site
  • Fear of speaking on the web doesn’t go away even for those who’ve done it before
  • Books on helping people to get over fear of public speaking. Not a lot for the web.
  • Cody explores this question.
  • 2 techniques to make web publishing less frightening
  • 1. Lower the stakes. Example 2014 GOP convention: political summit: TXTMOB – text broadcasting system. It didn’t work after that year.
  • Few years came twitter, doing the same.
  • People fear looking self-important
  • Twitter easing the tension.
  • Powerful products often start our as toys.
  • 2. One unforgettable superpower. E.g. Popeye’s placebo and healthy technical or social innovation.
  • Scroll kit , Cody’s product
  • 2 window shuttle: type in one window and look how it looks in another window
  • This editing interface will be inevitable
  • Direct editing: Free form positioning: browser window becomes a canvas
  • It is like InDesign in a browser window
  • Hardcore designers like it but first timers too
  • Handcrafted love letters to each other via scrollkit
  • Video to see how it works
  • Easy to forget original hesitation for publishing on the web.
  • Scollkit joined WordPress.
  • Scrollkit is frozen in time now.

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