SEO Daily links: shady reputation management, SEO for SMB,, bad landing pages

Today’s handy learning: AddThis, a social sharing tool, has great customization options (see my home page), but centering the buttons has to be done with extra CSS.
And now onto today’s SEO links with my comments in italics:

  • Blumenthals questions the ethics of business that deface Google Places listing with negative reviews and then offers the service of cleaning them.
    There are some great insight in the comments. E.g. “Google shutting down private Google profiles MAY help with this”. I also paid attention to “Jason” dental sites examples.
  • Cyrus Shepard’s wife created an infographics with the list of tips how to make blogs “killer” for SEO.
    The good news that this blog (my personal) implemented already half of them. I wondered how much time I should spend on optimizing my site, following the rest of the tips, considering that I don’t have any monetization option built in. But I decided it is a good playground when/if I have time to explore new ideas. So I might implement more of it. For professional blogs though these tips are essential.
  • Brian Austad summarized “What Small Business Clients Need to Know About Keywords and SEO“.
    Great and current introduction not just for me, who is starting up in the SEO business, but can serve as a reference point for clients who want to know more about what I do.
  • Greg Finn reported that (an infographics/ data visualization search engine) launched.
    This great news for people like me who have an ongoing interest in visualization. (Also for artists/experts who make infographics and can upload/share them centrally on this new site.)

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