SEO Daily links: Google+ in 15 min, enhanced Google Image Search, PayWithaTweet

Today’s SEO links with my comments in italics:

  • Early in the day I received via email a clear little booklet from one source on “How to Spot Bad SEO Services.
    Later in the day another source asked me about my opinion about an SEO’s company. All I had to do was to point to sign #1: “Making Promises that are Too Good to be True”
  • Dr. Pete advised on how to do Google + in 15 minutes a day: think through your circle categories, flow with the stream, engage the people most likely to reply or reciprocate, be highly visible (you can repost +1 a lot in five minutes), give first-thenk ask (five minutes rule again), use to follow friends’ links.
    Some of these contradict each other: going with the flow assumes being online, so if you are active only for 15 minutes you’d miss a lot. He suggests letting go of the fear of missing something and using to catch up. What if others are not on it… Most engaging sentence for me in the piece: “Lurkers die lonely.
  • Matt McGee shared  Google’s announcement that their image search has now the option to search for images posted in the last seven days.
    I’ve been waiting for something like this. I wanted to limit my image search numerouos time based on time period posted, like you can in the general Google search, but couldn’t. This is a good start towards that.
  • Matt Gratt introduced me the PayWithaTweet service, that “enables web publishers to give visitors content in exchange for a Tweet or Facebook share.” He went further and gave advice on how to use it for SEO.
    Neat idea, but too many graphics as proofs in the article for easy reading. But it was not written for easy reading. 🙂

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