Average of Highests

Ever since I started to check at Google’s Webmaster Tools (and more recently in Google Analytics) how my sites are performing at Google itself (meaning where they show up for what keywords for how many searches) I was fascinated with the numbers. But it seemed illogical that in the cumulative data they showed the average of averages. E.g. if for a certain keyword my site showed up in three positions, the system averaged them and then took these individual averages and averaged them into a single number. From now on, based on Google’s announcement though they will take the best/first position of each query and average that. As a result of the above I expect a slight jump in the “Average Position” metrics of the Top Queries sheet.  I think the proper, logical label for this should then should be “average of highest positions”, but I realize that would be too long to put on top of a column in a table.

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