To Infographic or Not To Infographic?

Three Infographics related posts grabbed my attention from today’s interweb flow. Based on the title of Erin Everhart article “Infographics: Why They Fail For Link Building” I thought she would cast some doubt why they may not be the best for linkbuilding purposes specifically. Instead she spent most of the article explaining what’s wrong with Infographics in general. Then she added the adage “that social media is a tool and not a strategy”. Even if I agree with most of her points, I still think the article’s title was poorly worded.
Later in the day I stumbled upon two fresh and useful infographics. One of them, titled “Infographic: How Much Does SEO Cost?” was done by SEOMoz, and posted on January 3, but I only learned about it from Search Engine Land’s post today. As I am slowly creating my own SEO business it, being the summary of a survey with 500 SEO professionals, was a useful piece in figuring out where I would fit in the market.
The other, “The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet, didn’t give me any new information, but it was still well-collected sheet of basic information on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Digg and to my surprise Tumblr. I was surprised to see Tumblr on that sheet, because in my mind it was a channel for more of a personal communication, than for businesses. I have never seen a business tumblr site, but I guess there is no reason why it couldn’t be one. The main obstacle for widespread effect is that each Tumblr site is a separate mini site, unlike Twitter/Facebook/Google+/YouTube and Digg, where there is a coherent, single interface for millions of users and businesses. The Tumblr dashboard has that to a limited extent, but the whole of the millions of public mini-sites don’t.

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