Copying file names from a folder on a Windows PC

Copying file names from a folder on a Windows PCHave you ever wished you could copy just the names of the files in a certain folder to a file? I did, but never bothered to check how this can be done. It is this simple:

  1. Select the files in the folder whose names you want to copy.
    Tip #1: you can use CTRL-A to select all of them
    Tip #2: if you keep the CTRL button down you can select files one by one, even if they are not next to each other
  2. Push the SHIFT button down and then do a right click on the mouse
  3. Select the “Copy as path” option
  4. Paste it in the Notepad, Microsoft Word, your post or word processor… file the list.
    Tip #3: Do a find-and-replace operation to get rid of the beginnings of the paths. E.g. replace “C:UsersUserDocuments” with nothing.

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