Notes from "Growing Up WordPress" by Jenn Schiffer

Notes from  the talk given at the 2014 WordCamp conference in San Francisco by Jenn Schiffer.
Make 8 Bit ArtOfficial description:

Much like how the sounds of my favorite emo bands of the 2000s have changed, so has the capability of our favorite blogging platform to solve problems and even generate art. This talk is a 10-year retrospective and love letter to a platform I’ve used from the time I was just a cool teen blogging about college in 2004, to a decade later where I am using WordPress to do even more.

My notes:

  • Her first SF WordCamp
  • Her first public speech in 16 days 🙂
  • Engineer,, organizing JerseyScript
  • Has a lot of blogs
  • Blogger, back and front end user
  • September 2004: college years
  • B2 as a blogging platform for photos
  • Using B2 for way too long
  • “1.0.1. Miles” wordpress release note: “Fastest, most stable, and most secure wordpress ever”
  • WP introduced her to PHP 4.3.9 (now in PHP 6-7)
  • November 2009: first WordCamp – first real tech conference, intro to JQuery (“Write less. Do More.”)
  • July 2010: started getting paid for wp dev work
  • Baristanet, hyperlocal site, used Movable Type
  • NYTimes hyperlocal site moved to WP
  • WP released multi-site and custom taxonomies (for towns)
  • July 2011 – Back to school. Instead of “Blackboard” he opted to use WP for the course she was teaching.
  • – crowdsources procedure costs.
  • May 2013: sports happened, quit academia and joined NBA.
  • For quick projects they use WP.
  • September 2013. Xanga moved to WP
  • Boccup company: 25% OS
  • August 2014: speaking at a WordCamp
  • Launched “simpleslides” on WordPress
  • Working on 8bitpress WP project

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