Lightning Talks: UX/UI Joseph O’Connor, Dave Martin

Notes from two talks at San Francisco WordCamp 2014:
Accessible UX and Remote Testing by Joseph O’Connor

  • Official description: Disabled users help uncover interesting behaviors when Accessible User Experience (UX) research methods are applied to WordPress. Results are very instructive and apply to many use cases.
  • Eric Wright: testing “make new post”
  • Amanda Rush: Cisco academy for the vision impaired, WordPress accessibility team for JetPack
  • Glenda Watson Hyatt: accessibility consultant, inspirational speaker, the left thumb blogger
  • Do research with disabled people.
  • QA:

Ego and PridePrototyping for better product design by Dave Martin

  • Official description: Various lo-fidelity options for rapid prototyping. No prior experience required.
  • Good design
  • The work we do changes people’s lives.
  • Creative director at Automatic
  • Ego and pride hinders good design
  • To be a great designer you have to eliminate them
  • Designer’s ego and pride: reluctance to receive feedback
  • Process and feedback gives you something that is priceless as a designer.
  • You can say goodbye to clarity
  • Do that process and feedback
  • Process:
    • gather insights <- get feedback
    • list out scenarios
    • lost of lo-fi ideas: one idea per square, come up with as many ideas as possible)
    • lo-fi mockup <- get feedback
    • interactive prototype: watch people use it
    • hi-fi version coded up
  • We all have the capability of changing the word with good design

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