Lightning Talks: Unscary Tech (Rennick, Rand-Hendriksen, Byrne)

Choosing the Right Theme by Andrea Rennick

Official description:

How to find a theme for your blog, where to look, what to look for and what kinds of themes are out there.

My notes:

  • What theme can I use if I want a blog? Anything for any purpose. Standard features. Themes are dressing up your content. Posts remain the same, no matter what theme.
  • How do I migrate to a different theme? WP in easy and you get a live-preview. In September people switched themes more than 3 million times. No migration of content is needed.
  • What theme can I use (insert-industry-here)? Any. Same theme can be used for different, just change colors.
  • How do I narrow down the choices? Look at functionality instead of its look. Does it need a slider? in the source you can see which theme has widgets. Plugins = feature
  • What about SEO? For some theme it is included, but plugin is fine
  • Where do you find themes? In your dashboard and at

The Most Secure Platform: How the WordPress community makes us all safer by Brennen Byrne

Official description:

The security of WordPress has become a vital topic for the entire Internet. Our platform has reached an unprecedented scale, powering more than 22% of the Internet, and has found a unique and powerful way to protect all of our sites. Heartbleed and other vulnerabilities have dominated the Internet news cycle for much of this year, but WordPress has emerged as a leader in security for one reason: the community.

The WordPress community has always been one of our largest assets, but the changing dynamics of security online have also made it our best defense. This talk will cover the threats facing the WordPress ecosystem and the Internet today, how the WordPress community is combating them, and what you can do to help keep us all safe.

My notes:

  • Old paradigm: Big companies vs small business. Hackers go after the first
  • Then they created The Zombie Army, aka botnet. They attack everyone.
  • New paradigm” small sites’ security is more important.
  • How the community protects us:
  • Community knowledge: tell all about
  • Issue directory and correction
  • High baseline security: protect the lease used site, abandoned, old, lazy sites
  • 1. Participate: engage in security conversation. Listen and pay attention. Heartbleed posts by non-tech users
  • 2 . Advocate: Protect all the sites. Automatic security updates. It was controversial for some. It can be turned off. It is an improvement. two factor authentication. Get clef.
  • 3. Participate: Tools akismet, groupprotect keeps all of us safer. The more people using it the better these tools get.

Thinking Inside the Box: Understanding the CSS Box Model by Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Official description:

The web is made of little boxes, grouped together to form what we refer to as “web design”. Understanding the CSS Box Model – the system by which our code can tell a browser how to display these boxes – is a fundamental skill for anyone working on the web whether that be as a content creator, designer, or developer. Thinking Inside the Box is 5 minutes that will change the way you think about web content and web design: On the web everything is a box and once you know how to bend those boxes to your will you can do pretty much anything you want. Morten is here to show you how.

Eye of a CSSMy notes:

  • The box helps to design on the web. The box will help you too.
  • Text and image. text touching the image: bad
  • Photoshop edit to add space around it. Bad: editing content for formatting purposes
  • Web was created by separation of content and formatting
  • Web was designed to make content accessible.
  • CSS box model
  • Create an HTML tag: make a box and put in content in it.
  • By default HTML puts it into a box of exact size
  • CSS can add padding, colors, border (thickness, pattern…) margin
  • Use CSS to make the image float
  • CSS also does alignment and block-level modification.
  • Flexboxes.
  • When you understand it you can do whatever you want on the web.
  • On the web every tag is a box .
  • On the web magic happens when you think inside the box

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